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Campaigns & Case Studies

Because of the phenomenal public relations courses Michigan State University provided, I had been able to exponentially grow as a writer, and develop worldly skills to succeed in the communications field. Here are some of my scholarly highlights, including public health campaigns, case studies, and crisis communications solutions. 

Public Health Campaign: Rethink Your Next Drink

Throughout the course, Communication Campaign Design and Analysis, I created a campaign that tackled a public health crisis. I addressed the binge drinking problem that occurs across college campuses in the United States. The PDF below is my completed project, including research and custom created graphics.

A New Invention

In the course, Public Relations Strategy and Ethics in a Digital World, my team and I were given an invention we had to promote: "Gas-less Cars." Using a Case Study Method, we analyzed the key components pertaining to the issue and drafted promotional solutions from a public relations consultant's perspective. Please view the PDF below to see the completed first draft. 

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